My first hike of this class was through Dimple Dell Park. Unfortunately, I did not have a camera with me that day, so I don't have any pictures, but the experience was quite fun, despite the bad weather.  It rained and rained, but the park was quiet and calm.  I had fun exploring the trails, but I was not dressed for the rainy weather. By the end, my clothes were soaked through and I was a bit cold. Still, I had fun. Hiking in the rain is very peaceful, so this experience has taught me that if I'm going to get the most of hiking such conditions in the future, I need to have better clothes for it!


The beginning of this hike was a trek! It was considerably hot this day, and the first part of the trail is all open faced. Once I toughed through that portion however, I was rewarded with a view of a lake framed by beautiful mountains. I took a break and watched several ducks swim (I even saw one dive to the bottom!), then headed on up to try and make it to the falls. 

From there on out, the trail was shaded and cool. It was the perfect amount of elevation gain, to the point where I wasn't exhausted by booking it up the trail, but I was also getting my heart rate up as well.

This was definitely one of my favorite trails, and if it weren't for this class, I'm not sure I would have discovered it. I will be revisiting this one!


This trail was fantastic! It was hot out, but the views were spectacular and made the trek worth it.

On this trail, I saw lots of wildflowers and stopped and watch a swarm of bumblebees go from flower to flower. Milcreek Canyon is my favorite canyon in terms of hiking, and I'm glad I was introduced to this trail. 


Mount Aire was hands down my favorite hike this semester, if for no other reason that spotting a moose about halfway up the trail! 

I was able to observe her for about fifteen minutes, and she was even still feeding when I was coming back down the trail an hour later. This is one of my favorite things about Utah - you can drive twenty minutes out of the city into a canyon and experience wildlife like this.

This trail, also in Milcreek Canyon, offers many more spectacular views. It was shaded and relaxing, although the bugs up here were pretty terrible.

Regardless, I had a great time, and this is now one of my favorite hikes in the area.


What a great hike! The views are beautiful and only get better as you head up. I took this one at a slower pace in the beginning. The forest I first went through was shaded, but very spacious. There was a stream part of the way up that proved to be a nice, cool resting area.

I had heard many great things about this trail before I headed up, and I was not let down. One day, I want to complete the whole hike!


This is one of my favorite trails in the valley! I opted out the day that our class went due to the lightening storms, but I have been up many times this summer already. Every time I go up, I make sure to visit the unofficially titled "Fairy Tree," off of the third or fourth switchback.  Additionally, the payoff of completing this trail and getting to the Salt Lake Overlook is fantastic! 


I have never hiked up Little Cottonwood Canyon before this and - WOW! - the mountains in this canyon are gorgeous. I didn't finish this hike, but I booked it up the mountain for about 45 minutes before heading back. The trail was wide and partly shaded, and the views were just spectacular. 

This hike has definitely encouraged me to return to this canyon. What a beautiful place! 


This is the payoff of making it to the top of Desolation Trail: the Salt Lake Overlook! The city is much more beautiful and a lot less noisy when you're looking at it from a mountain top.

One of the views facing north from Desolation trail. This was taken very near the Fairy Tree! 

This is a trail we discovered while camping off of Mirror Lake Highway that we call the "Fairy Forest" trail! So much fun! July is the perfect time for this hike since it's so cool up there in the mountains.

My friend and I wandered up City Creek Canyon for about three hours before we decided to turn back around. The paved path makes hiking easy, and the seclusion and views are fantastic! 

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