The Form and Style of Danny Boyle 

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                Danny Boyle has always been my favorite director since the first time I viewed 28 Days Later. Producing amazing films such as 127 Hours and Slumdog Millionaire, he has always inspired me as a fellow storyteller.  However, I was not aware of quite how amazing Boyle’s films are until I learned about the various aspects that construct a film, as well as how a director’s personal style is so influential to the final product.

                In my Introduction to Film class, I learned the proper way to go about telling a story, characteristics of various genres, and elements that constitute great films.  Through the application of this knowledge, I was able to articulate why I had always thought so highly of Boyle and his films.

                Writing this paper allowed me fully realize just how unique and talented Danny Boyle is.  I was able to analyze his personal directing style and form, and examine how these things were reflected into each of his films.  Even though I had already thought highly of him when I began writing this assignment, my respect for the hard work and ingenuity present in every single one of his movies grew exponentially.  Now, I understand not just that Danny Boyle is incredibly talented, but what it is that makes him definable as such. 

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