Sins of Omission 

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                For as long as I can remember, there have been instances in which my memory has failed me.  I have experienced friends talking about a memory that we shared and having no recollection of it, blanking on an important exam, and simply not being able to remember that ‘one guy’ from that ‘one movie’ even though the name is right at the tip of my tongue.  It is with no surprise that I welcomed the chance at researching this subject academically.

                Everything I researched, read, and wrote helped me understand why my memory fails me so frequently.  It fleshed out three very common instances of omissive memory failure: transience, absent-mindedness, and blocking.  Through my experience writing this essay, I was able to identify such occurrences in the past, as well as develop an ability to recognize when they happen presently.  Furthermore, this has opened my eyes to what I can do to prevent such memory failures from happening in the future, the most important one being getting an adequate amount of sleep each night.

Overall, aside from teaching me the technicalities of omissive memory failures, this paper also showed me what I can personally work on to prevent them.  I chose this topic specifically because I knew it would help me understand why I forget things or blank on a test.  Now that I have learned more about what causes these failures, I can apply different methods of preventing them in an effort to start bettering my memory, and in turn, bettering various areas of my life, such as work and college.

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