Interviewing an Animator 

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                Initially when I conducted this interview, I thought that I wanted to pursue a career in film animation.  A lot has changed since I first posted this assignment and despite the fact that I no longer want to be an animator, interviewing Jon has still proven to be a very valuable use of my time.

                Not only did talking with Jon give me a well-rounded idea of what to expect in the animation field, it was also helpful in helping me understand what happens when one turns their hobby into their career.  My forte is writing: I love to write stories and even most academic essays.  I am often told that I should pursue a career in something writing related, such as journalism or creative writing; but interviewing Jon, more than anything, taught me the consequences of transforming what you love doing in your free time into what you need to do to get a paycheck.

                Overall, this experience was vital in determining the field that I wish to enter.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with making one’s hobby a career; in fact, if that will lead that person to happiness, then I absolutely encourage it.  As it applies to me, however, I feel that if I no longer wrote because I wanted to, and instead wrote because I had to, it would make me unhappy.  Rather, I would like to reserve writing to exclusively be a hobby, and instead pursue a career that will still make me happy, but is unrelated to writing. 

Learning a Valuable Tool

Another important academic experience that this class had to offer was by means of a presentation I constructed with three classmates on Codes of Ethics, and their place in the workplace.  Through this group project, I discovered a very valuable tool for my future schooling: Prezi.  This is an interactive presentation tool that is easy to use and visually stimulating.  I have, since then, used this tool in my Human Sexuality class (this is not a General Education course, and is therefore, not posted on my website; however, you can find this presentation here).

Below you will find the particular Prezi presentation used in this class as a final project. 

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