Learning How to 'Cube': A Life Lesson

I was first introduced to the Rubik's Cube as a child.  Back then, I thought the prospect of solving it to be an impossible task.   I eventually pulled all of the stickers off and rearranged them so that the cube was "solved."  It wasn't until my one-year study abroad in Japan that I finally learned that solving the cube had potential to be easy.

A friend demonstrated how to solve one side of the cube.  It began to make sense, and soon, I could do it too.  Encouraged from this accomplishment and determined to solve the whole cube, I researched it the internet.  I found a nine-page tutorial listing all of the needed algorithms and proceeded to devote the next three days of my life to memorizing every one.  And I did.  In fact, I practiced it so much that, within a month, I was able to solve it in under a minute.

Some may say that I cheated: I looked up instructions and used a list of algorithms to decipher the cube.  But I learned a valuable life lesson from this experience, being that I can achieve anything that I set my mind to.  I learned to look at the challenges in my life in a new light, and recognize that there is always a method in which to hurdle over barriers.  There is a science to everything, and if I don't understand something, it's because I haven't looked at all the pieces.  

Above all, the Rubik's Cube taught me that nothing is impossible, and it's with that mindset that I expect to fulfill my dreams.

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