Facing my Fears on the Slopes

When I was first learning how to ski, the idea of strapping ski's to my feet and gliding down a mountain scared me half to death.  It was during a family vacation in 2011 that I finally faced my fear.  I went so slow down the mountain, reluctant to transform my 'pizza' ski formation into a 'french fry' formation for fear of going faster than I could control.  Even as I meandered down the slopes of Powder Mountain, the adrenaline in my veins was intense.  Despite my fear of falling or running into a tree, I fell in love with the excitement of it.  It was a new kind of liberation that I had not yet experienced and I was addicted.

After our vacation ended, I had to go back up.  I went at least once a week and every time I became a little bit better, but the adrenaline never went away.  Before I knew it, I was on intermediate trails and I was finally kicking up snow!  Even as the season ended, I nervously went down my first black diamond.  It was difficult, and I fell a few times, but I made it to the bottom in one piece.

This experience learning how to ski showed me that I could face my fears and come out on top.  It demonstrated that just because I am afraid of something, doesn't mean that I won't enjoy it.  Far too often, people let their fears hold them back from doing things that could really make them happy.  Of course, there are risks associated with skiing, but the seemingly impossible combination of euphoria and serenity that I experience while gliding down the mountain is second to no other feeling.

Through learning how to ski, I have found the courage to stare intimidating situations in the face.  I have realized how motivating fear can be.  And I welcome any challenge that comes my way, because I know, in the end, I will learn from my experiences and grow as a human being.

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