Applying a Sociological Imagination 

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sociological imagination n. / the application of imaginative thought to the asking and answering of sociological questions

            Having the opportunity to first learn about numerous sociological concepts, and then apply them to my own life proved to be very informative and eye-opening.  It is pretty amazing how we, as society, go about our daily lives unaware of the sociological framework that we rely on.  Everything that we do and say has been influenced by these constructs.  It is not until we broaden our sociological imagination and view our social interactions subjectively are we able to see the functions that they serve.

            Analyzing my work place for such social constructs allowed me to understand how Beans & Brews not only functions as a business, but as a social group.  Through an examination of concepts such as stratification, gender, and deviance, I was able to better understand the social norms among the employees and management.  I can now see the role that I fulfill by adhering to these norms and how, consequently, I contribute to the functioning of them.

            This assignment was extremely eye-opening because, by applying my sociological imagination, I was able to identify the social groups I was a part of, as well as the social norms of those groups that are so particular to its members.  Through writing this assignment, I can safely conclude that, despite the type of group an individual belongs to and how particular the associated social norms may be, on a fundamental level, they are all similar in regards to the complex social constructs that enable them to function efficiently.

My fellow baristas and I at Beans & Brews. 

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